The CSAA organises a number of annual championships open to members of the Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC). The events encompass a Departmental Team Championship with points awarded to successful teams and individuals. The overall winners are awarded the Queenborough Trophy, whilst smaller Departments compete for the Braben-Whiffen Trophy. Departmental Team Managers (see Officials) co-ordinate their entry and pay travel and subsistence to team members. Events normally take place around the same time each year.

Read a history of Civil Service athletics. See a list of championship race winners.

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Race Walking   September      Road Relays      March      Cross Country      November

Half-marathon   As arranged      Marathon   Discontinued

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The annual CSAA championships are held at a suitable venue that can host a full Track & Field programme. The 2019 championships, together with the Vets' event, were held at Lee Valley London on Wednesday 21.08.19.    

2019 Results

Organiser: Bob Brimage (0151 677 7380).

Entries: Gaye Clarke (07867 543317).

View a list of T&F records.

CSAA Medal Standards.

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The 2019 championships, together with the open CS event, were held at Lee Valley London on Wednesday 21.08.19.

2019 Results

Organisers: Bob Brimage (0151 677 7380) and Gaye Clarke (07867 543317).

View a list of records.

CSAA Medal Standards.

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The annual CSAA cross country championships are normally held in October. The favoured venue is Parliament Hill Fields, London. The 2019 championships took place on Wednesday 09.10.19.

2019 Results

Organiser: Gerry Trainer  (03000 546285).

View a list of past winners.

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The annual CSAA 10k Road takes place in spring and is usually incorporated in the Capital Challenge alongside race walking events and a fun run. The 2019 race took place on Wednesday 5th June at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.       

2019 Results (10k)      2019 Results (5k Run/Walk)

Organiser: Gerry Trainer  (01902 371196).

View a list of 10k winners.

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The annual CSAA Race Walking championships usually take place at the Tally Ho! Police Sports Centre, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham.

The 2019 CSSC Race Walk and Ryan Cup took place on Wednesday 25th September.     

2019 Results.

Organiser: Steve Uttley  (07727 187966).

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The annual CSAA Road Relays normally take place in March in Finsbury Park, London.

The 2020 event will take place on Wednesday 11.03.20.

2019 Results   

2020 Entry Form

Organisers: Roger Smith (01252 690 462) and Gerry Trainer  (07903 743767).

View a list of winners.

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The CSAA Half-marathon championship is staged in conjunction with an established race and has been incorporated in the Queenborough Trophy since 2009. The favoured event is the Freckleton half-marathon near Preston, Lancashire

The 2019 championship was held on Sunday 16.06.19.

2019 Results (CS)        Race results        Photos

Organiser: Nick Hume (01253 868656).

View a list of winners.

View a Freckleton ranking list.

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The CSAA Marathon championship was normally staged in conjunction with an established race.

The 2007/8 Civil Service Marathon championship was held in conjunction with the Robin Hood Marathon in Nottingham on Sunday, 16th September 2007. Click here to see the results.

N.B. From 2009 the marathon championships were discontinued and replaced by the half-marathon championship.

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